Uncommon Ground provides residential and commercial irrigation installation, maintenance, startup and shutdown.


Lawn irrigation systems keep your lawn and landscapes looking their best while saving you time and money.  Uncommon Ground designs every irrigation system to meet the needs of our customers.

Save Time

With an irrigation system installed by Uncommon Ground, you can stop spending time watering by hand or moving sprinklers around.  Simply set it and forget it and get back to enjoying your summer.


Properly installed irrigation systems will save you water compared to traditional watering methods.  Our systems are set for optimal watering times and only operate when needed, using a rain sensor.


Watering from a hose or traditional sprinkler can compact soil and allow too much water into the ground, washing away vital nutrients plants need to flourish. Uneven watering can create patches that do not get the hydration they need. Professional irrigation systems use smaller water droplets, meaning the vital nutrients stay in the soil and your plants and lawn stay green and healthy all summer.


Our commitment doesn’t stop with the installation of your irrigation system.  Uncommon Ground will keep your irrigation system working its best year after year.  From Spring Start Up to Winterization, we take care of all of your regular maintenance and repairs, saving you time and energy.